Wisdom Teeth Extractions in Houston, TX

It is not always necessary to be concerned about the eruption of all four wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth, however, frequently become crooked or get totally or partially trapped or impacted in the jawbone or under the gums. As a result, many problems may occur, including pain, gum inflammation, and shifting or twisted teeth. Our dentists at North Star Dental Center in Houston, TX, may consider extracting your wisdom teeth if they present problems or bring problems in the future.

Before the Extraction

Our dentists assess your wisdom teeth to check their health. Dental X-rays are done to see the exact location of the teeth. We discuss the sedation options so that you know their pros and cons.

During the Extraction Procedure

Once we have given you sedation medication, we apply local anesthesia to numb the teeth and gum tissue. We expose the trapped or impacted wisdom teeth with incisions to gain adequate access, then loosen and lift the teeth from the sockets when they are visible. Our dentists then clean the area and stitch the area up. This process takes approximately one hour or less.

Aftercare Instructions

Avoiding overly hot meals can help to accelerate the healing process. If you consume something excessively hot, you may burn the surgical incision. All meals should adhere to the guidelines our dentist provides you. Food can become caught at the incision site of your surgery if you are not careful.

Immediately following the surgery, it is recommended that one only consume soft foods. It is also recommended to avoid eating foods that require a lot of chewing since this may cause pain or damage to the blood clots or stitches. Begin with very soft foods such as:

  • Broth
  • Yogurt
  • Smooth soups
  • Pudding
  • Mashed bananas
  • Smoothies

After the extraction, you should avoid brushing and use mouthwash to rinse the mouth. After a few days, you can start brushing again, but avoid brushing near the extraction site again. You don’t want to dislodge the clot or hurt the wound.

Do you need wisdom teeth removal? Don’t hesitate to contact North Star Dental Center in Houston, TX.

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