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Dental Crowns & Bridges in Houston

Dental Crowns & Bridges in North Houston

Bridge any gap in your otherwise perfect smile with the help of our dental crowns and dental bridges in North Houston.

At North Star Dental Center, we understand how embarrassing a missing or damaged tooth can be. Even with regular dental care, the years of chewing and wear can begin to take a heavy toll on your teeth. When an injury claims one of your teeth, the time may be right for multiple crowns and dental bridges.

After a full evaluation of the affected teeth, our professionals can install a bridge in conjunction with multiple porcelain crowns. This will provide you with a consistent and natural-looking smile, and the surrounding abutment teeth will become stronger as well. In some cases, our team of dentists in North Houston recommends partial dental bridges for our patients.

Dental Bridges That Keep You Confident

The loss of a tooth can be a traumatic experience for any adult, and the resulting gap is both unsightly and unhealthy. Even if you are comfortable with the look of a missing tooth, this gap can lead to instability in the rest of your mouth and potential bone loss as well. That is why our process for dental bridges is so important.

We create a crown for each of the adjacent teeth and a bridge that includes a replacement tooth for the gap. Your surrounding smile is strengthened, and your teeth will function even better than before. Choose the material you wish to have your new crown created from, so you are completely satisfied with the resulting look.

Porcelain Crowns That Look Natural

Cap damaged teeth with our natural and durable porcelain crowns. When you have a damaged or cracked tooth that you need to protect, our crowns are the answer. Our porcelain options and partial dental bridges give you a broad set of options to choose from. Partial bridges allow you to keep any natural teeth that remain in your mouth, while providing you with a surrounding framework that can be removed when needed.

Fill the Breach with Dental Inlays

When you need an immediate measure to address any cavities or cracks that may be forming, our dental inlays may be exactly what you need. We take the time to ask you the important questions about the level of care you are receiving. This allows us to recommend inlays that help prevent further decay of your affected tooth, and help you eat your favorite foods again without concern.

Choose our personalized dental onlays for a protective measure that involves minimal discomfort on your part. We craft an onlay that prevents further fracturing and this process may be a viable alternative to a full crown. If an existing tooth has become infected and inflamed, you may need to see our root canal dentist in North Houston for relief.

Restore the form and function of any tooth without the delays involved with crown creation by taking advantage of our dental inlays and dental onlays. This process gives you the option of avoiding a direct filling and involves a minimal level of discomfort. Our collaborative approach to dentistry helps you get the care you need without lengthy delays or excessive amounts of pain.

Contact us if you have a broken or damaged tooth, and ask if our dental crowns are right for you. Our North Houston dentist office provides you with a stress-free environment for every visit. We proudly serve patients in Houston, Humble, Kingwood, Atascocita, and Huffman, Texas, and surrounding communities.

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