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Dental Implants in Houston

Dental Implants in North Houston

Provide a strong base of support for any type of dental appliance with our dental implants in North Houston.

A gap in the continuity of your smile is more than just a cosmetic concern, as this situation can lead to additional instability and even bone loss. Take action as soon as you can to correct this situation by scheduling an appointment with a dental implant dentist at North Star Dental Center.

Any replacement tooth that you have created needs a secure foundation for functional eating and clear enunciation. If the remaining socket is left untreated after a tooth is lost, your jaw could be at risk for deterioration and bone loss. A properly installed implant can become a secure foundation for a replacement tooth, and it keeps the surrounding teeth stable and safe from loss as well.

Redesign your smile from the ground up when you establish a relationship with our tooth implant dentist in North Houston. This dental professional can provide you with an implant that can secure your dentures and other dental appliances for decades. Invest in a smile that is designed to keep up with the active lifestyle you lead, and start smiling again without hesitation.

The Right Dental Implant Dentist in North Houston

Our practice recognizes that your family needs more than just the occasional cleaning, and our dental implant dentist in North Houston is capable of making your smile whole again after any accident or tooth loss. Each of your teeth relies on each other for stability and strength. When one is lost for any reason, the remaining adjacent teeth are at risk of loss as well. Without a secure tooth in place, your jaw could suffer destabilizing bone loss that could put your entire smile at risk.

Choose the right implant dentist for your family, and replace the empty space in your smile with a dental implant that can hold a new replacement tooth in place. This process is not simply a cosmetic one, as the health and well-being of your entire jaw is at stake. Without a functioning jaw and replacement teeth, your digestion and ability to speak clearly could suffer greatly.

A Tooth Implant Dentist in North Houston with a Clear Vision

Our practice provides you with the comprehensive care you need for optimal dental health. Instead of sending you to a specialist on the other side of town, our team includes a tooth implant dentist in North Houston with the right tools for any situation. After any type of tooth loss, it is vital that you have a dental implant installed before any replacement tooth is created.

With the secure base provided by a new tooth implant, you never have to worry about your dental appliances slipping out at the wrong moment. You can avoid the discomfort and embarrassment that comes from a missing tooth and you can start to stimulate natural bone growth in your jaw again. We also offer IV sedation for added comfort. When your existing teeth need to be realigned for enhanced appeal and functionality, our orthodontist is ready to help.

Contact us today for the improved functionality and stability that comes from our dental implant dentist in North Houston. We proudly serve patients in Houston, Humble, Kingwood, Atascocita, and Huffman, Texas, and surrounding communities.

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