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Invisalign Dentist in Houston

Invisalign Dentist in North Houston

Get the amazing smile you have always dreamed of, even if you feel you are too old for traditional braces, with the treatments offered by our Invisalign dentist in North Houston.

The team at North Star Dental Center goes the extra mile to give you as many innovative options as possible. With our advanced Invisalign treatment, you can gradually align your teeth without the regular appointments and metal bracing involved with traditional orthodontic treatments.

When you determine that the Invisalign process is right for you, we create a series of customized aligners that fit the unique contours of your mouth. These clear aligners gradually adjust the alignment of your teeth, without anyone you know realizing you are wearing them. You can smile without hesitation, and continue the active life you have come to enjoy.

Take advantage of this new process for straighter teeth, and get the smile you have always dreamed of. Instead of enduring the discomfort and embarrassment of metal bracing as an adult, you can wear these clear braces and change the alignment of your teeth with ease. This clear braces treatment involves more time, but the results are clear.

An Invisalign Treatment in North Houston That Fits You Best

For various reasons, not everyone is able to get the orthodontic treatments they need during their formative years. Many young professionals and middle-aged middle managers are reluctant to endure the process once they reach adulthood due to the cosmetic appearance that comes with traditional metal bracing. Now there is an orthodontic option that is nearly undetectable and clearly transformational.

Our Invisalign treatment in North Houston may be the alternative you need. After an initial evaluation, we can create clear aligners that are shaped and shaded just like your existing teeth. As you wear these aligners during the day, your teeth are gradually realigned in the proper direction. This advanced process that was created by Invisalign is now available to our patients.

Create a New Smile with Clear Braces

Weigh the advantages and disadvantages involved with either type of orthodontic treatment, and choose the right option for the way you live your life. Our clear braces are nearly undetectable to the naked eye, and they give you the straight teeth you have always dreamed of over a longer period of time. Traditional bracing will produce faster results, but the process involves regular adjustments and metal bands.

With our clear braces treatment, you are never too old for a mouth full of straight teeth. With the proper alignment, you can enjoy improved digestion and an added sense of self-confidence. Our dentist can offer you a broad array of options that improve the appeal and function of your smile without delay. Start your journey to optimal dental health today with a call to either of our locations.

Contact us today for a free cosmetic consultation with our friendly Invisalign dentist in North Houston. We proudly serve patients in Houston, Humble, Kingwood, Atascocita, and Huffman, Texas, and surrounding communities.

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