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Orthodontist in North Houston

Enhance the order and appearance of your smile without spending a fortune in the process by visiting our orthodontist in North Houston.

Properly aligned teeth provide you with more than just added cosmetic appeal. The form and function of your jaw play a crucial part in the process of eating and communicating, which makes our orthodontist treatment all the more important.

With the help of the dental braces we offer at North Star Dental Center, your smile will look better than it ever has. We feel it is important to give you as many options as possible with it come to orthodontic treatment. A traditional treatment that involves carefully tightening wires and bands can quickly align your teeth in the right direction.

Get a comprehensive evaluation from our orthodontist, and establish a plan for this process with the best chances for success. If any extractions are needed, our staff is capable of providing you with these options without sending you to another specialist. As intense as this process is, the burst of confidence you will feel the first time you reveal your new smile will make it all worth it.

Orthodontist Treatment with Results

If you have chronic issues related to chewing and speaking, or you find you are grinding your teeth during the day or night, you may need orthodontist treatment from a trained professional. The alignment of your teeth can be adjusted to address these issues, and to give you a more attractive smile. With the right level of treatment, you can improve the process of eating and avoid long-term issues related to gum health and digestion.

Dental Braces Are an Investment Worth Making

Give your child the gift of a confident smile when you visit our offices for dental braces. You have options when it comes to orthodontic treatment and metal braces isn't the only answer. Many adults who never had braces as a kid will be reluctant to endure this involved process. If appearance is a concern for you, ask your dental professional about what our Invisalign™ dentist can do for you.

Consequential Dental Braces Treatment

Correct a broad array of issues and chronic conditions with the right approach to dental braces treatment. Avoid the discomfort and delays associated with getting referred from a dentist to an orthodontist by choosing a practice that can do both. Stop hiding your smile and avoiding social situations just because your teeth are out of alignment. Give your kids the confidence they need for their formative years with our affordable approach to braces.

Contact us today for the straighter teeth and improved functionality that our orthodontist in North Houston provides. We proudly serve patients in Houston, Humble, Kingwood, Atascocita, and Huffman, Texas, and surrounding communities..

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